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All-metal lightplane MBB 223 (Germany)
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Volume 21, 2013        Top
“Solutions of fractional heat-and wave-like equations via fractional variational iteration method” by Jamshad Ahmad, Iftikhar Ahmad and Bilal Ahmad 1-15
“Annotations of two examples about Markov process” by Tang Rong 17-37
“Asymptotic behaviour of solutions for mildly degenerate quasilinear hyperbolic equations” by Kosuke Ono 39-48
“A classification of natural vector bundle morphisms over idF” by A. Ntyam 49-59
“On variational inequalities and common fixed point problems in q-uniformly smooth Banach spaces” by Lijuan Zhang 61-76

Volume 20, 2013        Top
“Sequences of right and left neighbours of six type indefinite binary quadratic forms and their proper automorphisms by Ahmet Tekcan, Arzu Özkoç and Meltem E. Özbek 1-19
“Characteristic finite difference scheme for the 2-dimensional RLW equation” by Ren Zongxiu, Yang Guixiang and Ma Xiaoxia 21-28
“Coefficient bounds for certain subclass of bounded functions of complex order” by B. Srutha Keerthi and P. Lokesh 29-36
“Some properties of Fibonacci and Lucas symbol elements” by Cristina Flaut, Diana Savin and Gabriel Iorgulescu 37-43
“On some new γ-type maps on topological spaces” by Mohammed Nokhas Murad Kaki 45-60

Volume 19 Number 1 (2013) January Issue        Top
“General nonconvex Wiener-Hopf equations and general nonconvex variational inequalities” by Eman Al-Shemas 1-11
“An inequality for Legendre transformation” by Alireza Behtash 13-33
“The exact travelling wave solutions to the K(3, 2) equation” by Chun-Yan Wang 35-42
“On the existence of solutions of fully coupled FBSDES with monotone coefficients and random jumps” by Djibril Ndiaye 43-64

Volume 18 Number 1-2 (2012) November and December Issue        Top
“Formulae for finite difference approximations, quadrature and linear multistep methods” by Ramesh Kumar Muthumalai 1-19
“Unconditional Banach space ideal property” by Musundi Sammy, Shem Aywa, Jan Fourie and John Wanyonyi Matuya 21-28
“Existence of holomorphically fillable contact structures on some -bundle over ” by Hamidou Dathe and Cheikh Khoulé 29-45
“Spectral relationships of mixed integral equation in three dimensions” A. K. Khamis 47-62
“Some time-optimal control problems for n x n co-operative hyperbolic systems with distributed or boundary controls” by Mohammed Shehata 63-83

Volume 17 Number 1/2 (2012) September and October Issue        Top
“Riesz type minimal omega-representations in the half-plane” by Armen Jerbashian and Joel Restrepo 1-37
“The distribution of solutions to quadratic polynomials over finite rings” by Ali H. Hakami 39-52
“Boundary value problem for class of analytic functions defined in Ω = R x (O, α)” by Vasko Reckovski and Nikola Reckoski 53-63
Lp spaces for relatively weakly compact vector measures and s-compact set-valued measures” by Gabriel Birame Ndiaye and Doudou Sakhir Thiam 65-87

Volume 16 Number 1/2 (2012) July and August Issue        Top
“On the second-order recursive equation ” by T. F. Ibrahim
“On the Diophantine equation” by Banyat Sroysang 9-12
“Strong convergence theorems of total quasi-Φ-asymptotically nonexpansive semi-groups in Banach spaces” by F. H. Zhao and L. Yang 13-28
“Global existence and exponential stability for a coupled wave system” by Yolanda Silvia Santiago Ayala 29-46
“The area integral associated to self-adjoint operators on weighted Morrey spaces” by Ruming Gong 47-59
“On existence and uniqueness of generators of shy sets in polish groups” by Gogi R. Pantsulaia 61-78

Volume 15 Number 2 (2012) June Issue        Top
“Meshless solutions of 2d unilateral contact problems by penality and moving least square approach” by Rachid El Jid and Hicham Fihri Fassi 55-80
“Behaviour of the numerical quenching time with a potential and general nonlinearities” by Halima Nachid 81-105
“Centrifiers and ring commutativity” by S. M. Buckley and D. Machale 107-129

Volume 15 Number 1 (2012) May Issue        Top
“A note on the effect of the multicollinearity phenomenon of a simultaneous equation model” by D. A. Agunbiade 1-12
“Tangent lift of higher order of multivector fields and applications” by P. M. Kouotchop Wamba, A. Ntyam and J. Wouafo Kamga 13-36
“Recent advances in the construction of Green’s functions for regions on surfaces of revolution” by Volodymyr Borodin 37-53

Volume 14 Number 2 (2012) April Issue        Top
“A study of a class of functions defined by subordination, convolution and integral operators” by Samaneh G. Hamidi, Suzeini A. Halim and Jay M. Jahangiri 63-69
“Mathematical inverse problem of magnetic field for 2-dimensional exponentially conductivity round profile” by Pakamas Pawong and Suabsagun Yooyuanyong 71-79
“Strong differential superordination defined by fractional derivative operator” by Somia Muftah Amsheri and Valentina Zharkova 81-99
“A note on topological local groups” by H. Sahleh and A. Hosseini 101-127

Volume 14 Number 1 (2012) March Issue        Top
“Numerical simulation of normal stress distribution on the base of granular piles” by Waseem Ghazi Alshanti, Benchawan Wiwatanapataphee and Y. H. Wu 1-16
“Products of radial Toeplitz operators on weighted Bergman space” by Jun Yang 17-25
“A new method for finding the solution of the second order linear differential equation” by G. N. Miliaras 27-34
“Approximation theorems in weighted Orlicz spaces” by Yunus E. Yildirir and Ramazan Cetintas 35-49
“On prenormal operators” by Adnan A. A. Jibril 51-62

Volume 13 Number 2 (2012) February Issue        Top
“Wronskian representation of solutions of the NLS equation and higher peregrine breathers” by Pierre Gaillard 71-153
“Operational method for finite difference equations” by Salvador Merino Córdoba 155-164

Volume 13 Number 1 (2012) January Issue        Top
“On the higher rank numerical range of the shift operator” by Haykel Gaaya 1-19
“On the long-run equilibria of a class of large supergames on ” by Anjiao Wang, Zhongxing Ye and Yucan Liu 21-46
“Compensated interpolating sequences” by Francesc Tugores and Laia Tugores 47-53
“On the Nilclosure in a category of unstable modules” by Ismet Karaca 55-70

Volume 12 Number 2 (2011) December Issue        Top
“Decomposition theorems for jet bundles of a fiber bundle” by Adelina Manea 69-80
“The operator ideal (∏2)2 and kernels related to Besov function spaces” by M. A. Fugarolas 81-90
“On the existence of a point subset with 4 or 5 or k interior points” by Banyat Sroysang 91-95
“Isotropy of some quadratic forms and its applications on levels and sublevels of algebras” by Cristina Flaut 97-117
“A dihedral approach at circulant matrices” by Jesús Ferrer 119-125

Volume 12 Number 1 (2011) November Issue        Top
“The great L’s of French mathematics” by Thomas P. Dence 1-39
“Large solutions of quasilinear elliptic equations” by Saeid Shokooh 41-54
“Characterizations of regular semigroups” by Somchit Chotchaisthit and Thawhat Changphas 55-61
“A separation of cardinals” by G. N. Miliaras 63-67

Volume 11 Number 2 (2011) October Issue        Top
“Some wonderful statistical properties of PI-number decimal digits” by Morteza Khodabin 69-77
“White noise functional solutions for wick-type stochastic coupled KdV equations” by Hossam A. Ghany and Abd-Allah Hyder 79-96
“Large contraction and existence of periodic solutions in infinite delay Volterra integro-differential equations” by Youssef N. Raffoul 97-108
“Topological invariants in digital images” by Laurence Boxer, Ismet Karaca and Ahmet Öztel 109-140

Volume 11 Number 1 (2011) September Issue        Top
“Zero-divisor graphs of idealizations with respect to prime semimodules” by F. Farzalipour and P. Ghiasvand 1-9
“Stochastic dynamical logistic population growth model” by Morteza Khodabin and Neda Kiaee 11-29
“Mathematical model of electromagnetic response due to a horizontal loop source over a layered earth containing an inhomogeneous layer having linearly varying conductivity with depth” by P. Pawong, J. Ruammek, N. Chumchob and S. Yooyuanyong 31-56
“On existence of solutions for generalized vector equilibrium problem” by Lin Xing and Yali Zhao 57-68

Volume 10 Number 1/2 (2011) July and August Issue        Top
“Kaehler lightlike submanifolds” by Mouhamadou Hassirou 1-21
“Inequalities for the Seiffert’s means in terms of the identric mean” by Shaoqin Gao 23-31
“q-Comtet and generalized q-harmonic numbers” by B. S. El-Desouky and R. S. Gomaa 33-52
“Efficient subset of portfolio under degenerate mean-variance model” by Chun-Fu Jiang and Hong-Yi Peng 53-74

Volume 9 Number 1/2 (2011) May and June Issue        Top
“On the overlappings in the unfoldings of the dodecahedron” by Hans L. Fetter and Juan H. Arredondo Ruíz 1-20
“Exact explicit travelling wave solutions for a generalized new coupled KP equation” by Lin Ling and Shengqiang Tang 21-27
“The solow-swan model with a negative labor growth rate” by Hongjing Chen and Shaoyong Lai  
“The well-posedness of solutions for a nonlinear generalized asset pricing model” by Shan Wang, Shaoyong Lai, Xiangyu Zhang and Yue Zhong 39-48
“On subclasses of p-valent functions involving certain fractional derivative operator” by Somia Muftah Amsheri and Valentina Zharkova 49-62

Volume 8 Number 2 (2011) April Issue        Top
“Decay of scattering solutions to one-dimensional free Schrödinger equation” by Yuya Dan 53-59
“On operators whose squares are 2-normal” by Adnan A. S. Jibril 61-72
-closed sets and almost normality of the Niemytzki plane topology” by Sadeq Ali Saad Thabit and Hailiza Kamarulhaili 73-85
“Exotic foliations on surfaces bundles over the circle” by Hamidou Dathe and Adamou Saidou 87-96

Volume 8 Number 1 (2011) March Issue        Top
“Common fixed point for generalized (φ,Φ) weak contractions satisfying a generalized contractive condition” by Masoud Pourhasan and Vahid Reza Hosseini 1-8
“Articulated ARM and special multi-flags” by Mayada Slayman and Fernand Pelletier 9-41
“Lie triple derivations on upper triangular matrices” by Yunhe Chen 43-52

Volume 7 Number 2 (2011) Febuary Issue        Top
“On the Lagrangian subspaces of complex Minkowski space” by Yang Liu 87-93
“Examples of Osserman metrics of (3, 3)-signature” by A. S. Diallo and M. Hassirou 95-103
“New numerical method for determining inertia and stability of nonsymmetric large sparse matrix” by H. Saberi Najafi and A. H. Refahi Sheikhani 105-114
“Mikhlin-Hörmander theorem for higher order differential operators on Riemannian manifolds” by Athanasios G. Georgiadis 115-132
“A posteriori error estimator for nonconforming finite volume element approximations of the stokes problem” by Mohamed Bahaj and Anas Rachid 133-148

Volume 7 Number 1 (2011) January Issue        Top
“A modified conjugate gradient method for unconstrained optimization” by Shuo Wang, Zhibin Zhu, Qian Qing and Juanjuan Hu 1-10
“On the recursions of two-dimensional subset autoregressions” by T. J. O’Neill, Jack Penm and R. D. Terrell 11-25
"Isoparametric finite elements for the 2-dimensional RLW equation” by Zongxiu Ren, Danyang Yu and Weimin Wang 27-35
“Mathematical inverse problem of electric potential in a heterogeneous layered earth containing buried electrodes” by Warin Sripanya and Suabsagun Yooyuanyong 37-56
“Exact explicit travelling wave solution for the generalized (2+1)-dimensional breaking soliton equation” by Shu Xia, Shengqiang Tang and Xinqian Lin 57-68
“The existence of least energy solution for a singularly perturbed equation” by Jing Zeng and Yongqing Li 69-85

Volume 6 Number 2 (2010) November Issue        Top
A. El Amrani, R. Ameziane Hassani and M. Babahmed: Topologies on sequence spaces in non-archimedean analysis 193
Leila Hamidian Jahromi and Ahmad Khaksari: Weakly pure submodules of multiplication modules 215
Guangjun Shen and Litan Yan: The stochastic integral with respect to the sub-fractional Brownian motion with  H >1/2 219
Lipei Liu: Uniqueness of meromorphic functions that share one small function with their derivatives 241
Pagamas Pawong and Suabsagun Yooyuanyong: Mathematical inverse problem of electric and vertical magnetic fields to resolve the saline soil structure 257
H. Sahleh and S. Sajjad Gashti: Compactly generated extensions in locally compact Abelian groups 287
Jinhua Wang and Hongjun Xiang: Boundary value problem for a class of nonlinear fractional differential equation with p-Laplacian operator 295
Xiangyang Li, Menglong Su and Leshun Xu: A chip method for linear discrete optimization problems 307

Volume 6 Number 1 (2010) September Issue        Top
Weiping Li and Tianze Wang: Diophantine approximation with four squares and one k-th power of primes 1
Juhani Riihentaus: On an inequality related to the radial growth of quasinearly subharmonic functions in locally uniformly homogeneous spaces 17
Wensheng Yang: Permanence and extinction of periodic Holling type predator-prey system with two predators and stage structure for prey 41
Mehmet Atçeken: Doubly twisted product contact CR-submanifolds in Kenmotsu manifolds 55
Zoran D. Mitrović and Nenad U. Stojanović: Generalized vector implicit variational inequality problem with application to best approximation 65
Jamnian Nantadilok: Iterative process for generalized I-asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive nonself mappings 73
Yuzhen Mi and Xiaopei Li: Decreasing USC solutions of an iterative equation 87
F.-H. Li, S. Kanemitsu and K. Sato: Entropy and heat efficiency of the inner combustion engine 99
Daniel Abraham Romano and Milovan Vinčić: On commuting property of filed product of coequality relations 113
Yasuhiko Kamiyama: A perfect Morse function on planar polygon spaces 125
Tariq O. Salim: Applications of fractional derivative operator to certain subclasses of multivalent functions 137
Cong Zhang, Zhibin Zhu and Minglei Fang: A superlinearly convergent SSLE Algorithm for optimization problems with Linear complementerity constraints  149
M. Gorji and M. Alipour: Analytical solution of regularized long wave (RLW) equation with homotopy analysis method 165
Dau Xuan Luong and Tran Van An: Penalty Functions for the Multiobjective Optimization Problem 177

Volume 5 Number 2 (2010) July Issue        Top
Vu Van Khuong and Mai Nam Phong A note on global behavior of solutions and positive nonoscillatory solution of rational difference equation 221
Faisal Kaleem: The use of Cauchy integral formula in the study of convergence of the interpolation polynomial 241
Famei Zheng: A modified stochastic simulation method and its application 251
Tarek Sayed Ahmed: On neatly atomic cylindric set algebras 267
Adnan A. A. Jibril: On a-operators 277
Veronica Cifuentes and Oswaldo Lezama: Testing freeness over Hermite rings 289
Soon-Mo Jung and Kyung-Hwan Ryoo: Cheating prevention algorithms in examinations 307
V. Marinakis: Integrable third order equations of the KdV type 317
Ilwoo Cho: Frames, fractals and radial operators in Hilbert space 333
Changjin Xu: Stability and bifurcation analysis in a class of two-neuron networks with distributed delays 395

Volume 5 Number 1 (2010) May Issue        Top
L. S. Maergoiz: An inverse problem for a homogeneous evolutionary differential equation with analytic coefficients 1
H. Sahleh and S. S. Gashti: Two-sided invariant metric on quotient groups 11
S. Degla and L. Todjihounde: Biharmonic curves in four-dimensional Damek-Ricci spaces 19
Zhu Lu-Jin and Qin Wei-Fang: Analysis to solutions of the Zakharov equations 29
Marco Biroli and Silvana Marchi: Asymptotic behavior of relaxed Dirichlet problems related to p-homogeneous strongly local forms 39
S. Saltan and S. Acar: On the solvability of some system of integro-differential equations 85
Hishyar Kh. Abdullah: An oscillation criterion for system of linear second order differential equations 93
F. Berna Benli and Danyal Soybaş: On embedding fuzzy numbers into a Banach space 103
Shifeng Wu, Wenhao Li and Siqing Gan: Delay dependent stability of a class of boundary value methods for delay differential equation 113
Henrique Fernandes De Lima: A Xin-Aiyama type theorem for spacelike hypersurfaces in-R´ Hn 133
Gogi R. Pantsulaia: On shy sets in Radon metric groups  149
Xian Zhang: Common fixed point theorem of four mappings in cone metric space 187
Fang Su, Zhan Xu, Lizhi Cheng and Shengguo Li: Analysis of eigenvalue bounds for real symmetric interval matrices 197
W. Jumpen and P. Sawangtong: Lower and upper bounds for blow-up time in a degenerate semilinear parabolic problem 209

Volume 4 Number 2 (2010) March Issue        Top
I. M. Proudnikov: Generalized matrices for Lipschitz functions 227
Yunxi Guo, Lai Shaoyong and Yonghong Wu: The modified homotopy perturbation method and its application in solving nonlinear integral equations 245
Hongliang Zuo and Min Yang:Generalized Baronti constant and normal structure 255
Xiaoling Hao and Jiong Sun: Regular Sturm-Liouville operators with transmission conditions at finite interior discontinuous points 265
Mohamad Hadi Hooshmand and Hailiza Kamarul Haili: Description of uniform distribution of real sequences modulo b by using b-decimal part function 279
Elqorachi Elhoucien, Manar Youssef and Themistocles M. Rassias: Hyers-Ulam stability of the quadratic and Jensen functional equations on unbounded domains 287
Li Hua Qiu and Si-Sheng Yao: Convergence of the projection type Ishikawa iteration process with errors for a finite family of nonself Ii-asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive mappings 303 
Jamnian Nantadilok: Viscosity approximation methods for a common fixed point of a finite family of generalized asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces 315
Xiyan Yao and Guibao Gao: On invertibility of multiplicative combination of two idempotents 329
Weiqin Wang and Jing Yue: On the picard boundary value problem for  [h(t, x(t), x'(t))]' = f(t, x(t), x'(t)) 337
S. Ebrahimi Atani and F. Esmaeili Khalil Saraei: A note on finitely generated secondary modules  349
Jian Yang and Shengqiang Tang: Analytic solutions of the (2 + 1)- dimensional nonlinear evolution equations using the extended tanh method   359
Yaowaluck Khongtham: Adaptive synchronization of Lu’s system 371
Pei Wang and Xiangjun Kong: Regular semigroups with multiplicative orthodox transversals 381
A. Al-Khedhairi: Optimal control of a production Inventory system with generalized exponential distributed deterioration 395
Liguang Wang: The fixed point method for intuitionistic fuzzy stability of Jensen-type functional equation 413
Kouichi Murakami: Note on the uniqueness of the sink in symbiosis system 421
Jindong Li: On uniqueness of entire functions with derivatives sharing one value  429
M. Matinfar, M. Mahdavi and Z. Raeisy: Numerical solution of Kawahara’s equation by combining homotopy perturbation and variational iteration methods 439

Volume 4 Number 1 (2010) January Issue        Top
“On closedness of the range of the operator X → TX - XT defined on C2(H) when T is M-hyponormal” by Vasile Lauric (U. S. A.) 1-8
“On the Riemann-Lebesgue Lemma with a nonharmonic kernel” by Nassar H. S. Haidar (U. S. A.) 9-26
“Asymptotic stability of delay-difference system with multiple delays of cellular neural networks via matrix inequalities” by Kreangkri Ratchagit (Thailand) 27-39
“Asymptotic stability of nonlinear delay-difference system with multiple delays via matrix inequalities” by Kreangkri Ratchagit (Thailand) 41-50
“Completely conditionally permutable subgroup and p-supersolubility of finite groups” by Zhang Xuemei (P. R. China) and Liu Xi (P. R. China) 51-59
“The analysis of an efficient algorithm based on game theory applied to the detection of medical errors” by Igor Balsim (U. S. A.) and Elie Feder (U. S. A.) 61-72
“Predicting chaotic time series using neural networks with delay coordinates as inputs” by Jiin-Po Yeh (Taiwan) 73-94 
“Asymptotic approximations for distributions of test statistics of profile hypotheses for several groups under non-normality” by Yosihito Maruyama (Japan) 95-106
“Multiple solutions for elliptic equations with different kinds of nonstandard growth conditions” by Dequan Zhang (P. R. China) 107-121
“Estimation of the misreporting models using micro-data sets derived from the consumer expenditure survey: The gap between macro and micro economic statistics on consumer durables” by Atsushi Maki (Japan) and Thesia I. Garner (U. S. A.) 123-152
“(1 + u^2)- cyclic and cyclic codes over F2 + uF2 + u^2F2” by Hua Liang  (P. R. China) and Yuan-Sheng Tang (P. R. China) 153-160
“Analytic value function in multi-objective optimization” by Faisal Kaleem (U. S. A.) 161-169
“Modelling discrete sequences with fractal interpolation functions of higher order” by P. Bouboulis (Greece)  171-189
“Possibility measure, product possibility space and the notion of independence” by Kakuzo Iwamura (Japan) and Masayuki Kageyama (Japan) 191-199
“Chain transitive sets with dominated splitting” by Manseob Lee (Korea) 201-208
“Adaptive control and synchronization of barotropic model” by Prisayarat Sangapate (Thailand) 209-215
“Content Based Image Retrieval using Euclidean and Manhattan metrics” by Uday Pratap Singh (India) and Sanjeev Jain (India) 217-226

Volume 3 Number 2 (2009) November Issue        Top
“Multiple positive solutions with changing sign energy for critical plaplacian systems” by Abdelaziz Ahammou (Morocco) and Khalid Iskafi (Morocco) 153-170
“Global attractivity of nonlinear difference equation X(n+1)-lx(n)+ r(n)h(x(g(n))) = 0” by Qiong Meng (P. R. China) and Xianhua Tang (P. R. China) 171-188
“Some fixed point theorems of ordered contractive mappings” by Xian Zhang (P. R. China) 189-198
“Hybrid TS-IBPSO for feature selection” by Cheng-Huei Yang (Taiwan), Li-Yeh Chuang (Taiwan) and Cheng-Hong Yang (Taiwan) 199-227
“Viscosity approximation methods for fixed points of asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in Banach space” by Chun Peng (P. R. China), Weiming Ji (P. R. China) and Gang Li (P. R. China) 229-241
“Multiple positive solutions for semilinear elliptic equations involving Hardy terms and critical Sobolev-Hardy exponents” by Tsing-San Hsu (Taiwan) 243-266
“Dduality for multiobjective programming involving generalized second order V-invexity” by B. Aghezzaf (Morocco) and M. Naimi (Morocco) 267-278 
“A potential reduction algorithm for generalized linear complementarity problem over a polyhedral cone” by Fengming Ma (P. R. China) 279-286
“On a certain criterion of shyness for subsets in the product of unimodular Polish groups that are not compact ” by Gogi Pantsulaia (Georgia) 287-302

Volume 3 Number 1 (2009) August Issue        Top
“ome notes on minimality in dynamical systems” by Ren Yunli (P. R. China), Lv Jinfeng  (P. R. China), Yan Xinhua  (P. R. China) and Niu Xiuyan  (P. R. China) 1-6
“Convergence rates of wavelet estimators in semiparametric regression models with martingale difference error” by Hongchang Hu (P. R. China) 7-19
“Asymptotic normality of the kernel poverty measure” by Galaye Dia (Senegal) 21-39
“Graded rings in which every proper graded ideal is almost gr-prime” by Malik Bataineh (Jordan), Ameer Jaber (Jordan) and Hani Khashan(Jordan) 41-58
“Periodic solution of generalized differential equations of high orders” by Weican Zhou (P. R. China) and Haikun Zhao (P. R. China) 59-69
“e-general orthogonality and e-orthogonality in normed linear spaces” by A. Shoja (Iran),M. R. Haddadi (Iran)and H. Mazaheri (Iran) 71-75
“Computational algebra techniques in electromagnetism” by F.Colombo (Italy), I.Sabadini (Italy), D. C. Struppa (U. S. A.), A. Vajiac (U. S.A.) and M. Vajiac (U.S. A.) 77-88 
“Some bilateral generating relations involving Gegenbauer matrix polynomials” by Ghazi S. Kahmmash (Palestine) 89-100
“A practical approach to solve coupled systems of nonlinear PDE's” by Alvaro Salas (Colombia) and Cesar Gómez (Colombia) 101-107
“A modified SQP method for inequality constrained optimization without strict complementarity” by Zhijun Luo (P. R. China) 109-120
“Solutions for a class of fifth-order nonlinear partial differential system” by Cesar A Gomez S. (Colombia)  and Alvaro Salas(Colombia)   121-128
“A uniqueness theorem for a boundary value problem” by Manochehr Kazemi (Iran) and Hassan Naraghi (Iran) 129-134
“Necessary and sufficient conditions for oscillation of certain delay parabolic equations*” by Xuejun Xue (P. R. China), Weihong Sheng (P. R. China) and Wei Nian Li (P. R. China) 135-141
“Applications of q-differential operator” by Jian-Ping Fang (P. R. China) 143-152

Volume 2 Number 2 (2009) May Issue        Top
“An uncertain reasoning approach with applications to image recognition” by Qinge Wu (P. R. China), Anping Zheng (P. R. China), Yanfeng Wang (P. R. China) and Guangzhao Cui  (P. R. China) 161-183
“Legendre method for numerical solutions of differential and integral equations” by Nanshan Liu (U. S. A.) and En-Bing Lin (U. S. A.) 185-194
“Unicycle graphs with the first three extremal zeroth-order general randić indices” by Hongzhuan Wang    (P. R. China), Dongdong Wang (P. R. China) and Shu Wen (P. R. China)  195-214
“A complete quasi-antiorder is the intersection of a collection of quasi-antiorders” by Daniel Abraham Romano (Bosnia and Herzegovina)  215-220
“Comparison theorems for preconditioned AOR iterative methods” by Jinqiu Xu (P. R. China), Dongjin Yuan (P. R. China) and Yi Hou (P. R. China)  221-230
“On the Hilbert inequality and its applications” by Chen Xiaoyu (P. R. China), Gao Mingzhe (P. R. China) and Ouyang Baiyu (P. R. China)   231-243
“On the identification of subsemigroups of transformation semigroups” by H. Doostie (Iran) and A. Sadeghieh (Iran)  245-256 
“A note on Askey-Roy integral” by Jian-Ping Fang (P. R. China) 257-262
“Identifying, predicting and estimating two dimensional ARMA process for healthcare chromosome pictures” by  T. J. O’ Neill (Australia) and Jack Penm (Australia) 263-275
“The ADI FEM for the generalized nonlinear sine-gordon equation in two dimension” by Ren Zongxiu       (P. R. China), Wei Leilei (P. R. China) and Liu Xiao (P. R. China) 277-286
“Agent ids based on misuse approach” by F. A. Barika (Tunisia), N. El Kadhi (France) and K. Ghédira (Tunisia)  287-317

Volume 2 Number 1 (2009) February Issue        Top
"Change of variable formula for “Lebesgue measures” on RN" by Gogi Pantsulaia(Georgia) 1-12
"Bounds on some nonlinear discrete inequalities in two independent variables” by Junxian Zhang (P. R. China), Wei Nian Li (P.R.China) and Liguo Huang (P. R. China) 13-28
“Characterization of the matrix whose norm is determined by its action on decreasing sequences (the exceptional cases)” by Chang-Pao Chen(Taiwan), Chun-Yen Shen(Taiwan) and Kuo-Zhong Wang(Taiwan) 29-42
“Phragmèn-Lindelöf principles for nonlinear elliptic equations” by M. E. Amendola(Italy), L. Rossi (Italy) and A. Vitolo (Italy) 43-63
“On global exponential stability of generalized Cohen-Grossberg neural networks with time-varying delays” by Liping Zhang (P.R.China) and Zuoan Li(P.R.China) 65-84
“Estimations of the parameters of the generalized quadratic hazard rate distribution using type-II censored data” by Ammar M. Sarhan(Canada) and Safar M. Al-Ghamdi(Saudi Arabia) 85-104
“Pricing ladder options with combinatorics” by B. Q. Li (P.R.China), H. J.Zhao (P.R.China) and J.Lei(P.R.China) 105-120
“Viscosity approximation to common fixed points of kn-lipschitzian nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces” by Hongliang Zuo (P. R.China) and Min Yang (P.R.China) 121-135
“Primeness in near-rings with multiplicative semi-group satisfying ‘the three identities’” by A. O. Atagün (Turkey) and N. J. Groenewald (South Africa) 137-145
“Strong convergence of modified mann iterations for Lipschitz pseudocontractions” by Jing Han (P. R. China)and Yisheng Song (P. R. China) 147-159

Volume 1 Number 3 (2008) December Issue        Top
"New global well-posedness result for a higher order Schrödinger equation" by Xavier Carvajal (Brazil) and Raul Prado (Brazil) 457-476
"Coincidence and fixed points for families of multimaps" by Yew-Dann Chen (Taiwan), Tian-Yuan Kuo (Taiwan), Jyh-Chung Jeng (Taiwan) and Young-Ye Huang (Taiwan) 477-493
"Projection problem for regular polygons" by Si Lin (P. R. China)  495-504
"Periodic Kalman filter: steady state from the beginning" by Maria Adam (Greece) and Nicholas Assimakis(Greece) 505-520
"A project variable metric algorithm for mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints" by Zhibin Zhu (P. R. China), Minglei Fang (P. R. China) and Cong Zhang (P. R. China)  521-532
"Anti-symmetric orthogonal anti-symmetric solutions of matrix equation and the optimal approximation" by Lan Yan (P. R. China) and Peng Xiangyang (P. R. China)  533-546
"Constant curved holomorphic 2-spheres in G(2, 4) " by Li Zhenqi (P. R. China) and Jin Miaomiao 
(P. R. China) 
"An MCA-based algorithm to encrypt text data" by A. Martín del Rey (Spain) 563-577
"A characterization of Riemann invariants for 2×2  system of hyperbolic conservation laws" by V. Bojkovic (Montenegro) and D. Mitrovic (Montenegro) 579-586
"Global dynamics of an epidemic model with constant immigrant and nonlinear incident rate" by Boli Xie (P. R. China) and Yakui Xue (P. R. China) 587-600
"A wavelet multigrid method applied to the Stokes and incompressible Navier-Stokes problems" by Doreen De Leon (U. S. A.)  601-622
"Finite groups with s-c-permutably embedded subgroups" by Sheng Chen (P. R. China), Nanying Yang (P. R. China) and Jianhong Huang (P. R. China) 623-633
"A study of a pollution problem in porous media during vapor extraction" by R. Aboulaich (Morocco), B. Achchab (Morocco), A. Darouichi (Morocco) and D. Meskine (Morocco) 635-662
"On the generalized viscosity solutions of fully nonlinear parabolic equations" by E. O. Ifidon (Nigeria) 663-677

Volume 1 Number 2 (2008) August Issue        Top
"On uniform truncation error bounds for sampling expansion from local averages" by Shouzhen Zeng        (P. R. China) 215-225
"The C*-algebras of almost commuting isometries are generalized RFD" by Takahiro Sudo (Japan) 227-232
"The existence of positive solutions for second-order singular semipositone boundary value problems" by Qinfu Sun (P. R. China) and Shixia Luan (P. R. China) 233-242
"Matrix versions of some refinements of the arithmetic-geometric mean inequality" by Bao Qi Feng(U. S. A.) and Andrew Tonge (U. S. A.) 243-264
"The stopped simplex algorithm for integer linear programs with special cuts" by Pei-Wang Gao(P. R. China) and Xing Cai (P. R. China) 265-278
"Instability of streaming self-gravitating triple superposed magnetized different fluids layers" by Ahmed E. Radwan (Egypt) and Abdeltawab A. A. Shalaby (Egypt) 279-290
"Solving partial differential equations by meshless Petrov-Galerkin method combined with radial basis functions and Lagrange Polynomials" by M. Sarboland (Iran) and A. Aminataei (Iran) 291-298
"The extended tanh method for solving the (2+1)-dimension nonlinear dispersive long wave equation" by Shengqiang Tang (P. R.China), Kelei Zhang (P. R. China) and Jihong Rong (P. R.China) 299-304
"Exact solutions for the general fifth order KdV equation by the extended tanh method" by Alvaro Salas (Colombia), Cesar A. Gómez  (Colombia) and José Gonzalo Escobar Lugo (Colombia) 305-310
"A new effective preconditioned method for L-matrices" by Rui-Ping Wen (P. R. China) and Fu-Jiao Ren(P. R. China) 311-322
"Economic development and sustainability in a two-sector model with variable population growth rate" by Massimiliano Ferrara (Italy) and Luca Guerrini (Italy) 323-339
"The spline rule for integration of fuzzy functions" by Ali Ebadian (Iran) and Javad Shokri (Iran) 341-357
"On boundedness of parametric marcinkiewicz operators with non-homogeneous kernel on Morrey-Herz spaces" by Songyan Zhang (P. R.China), Ruiying Wei (P. R. China) and Xiangxing Tao (P. R.China) 359-371
"A computationally-efficient solutions of coupled matrix differential equations for diagonal unknown matrices" by Zeyad Al Zhour (Jordan) 373-387
"On the points at different distances from all lattice points" by Mitsunori Imaoka (Japan) and Tatsuya Yamashita(Japan) 389-400
"Exact solutions for a new integrable system (KDV6)" by Cesar A. Gómez (Colombia) and Alvaro H. Salas (Colombia) 401-413
"Existence results for vector variational-like inequalities" by Yali Zhao (P. R. China) and Ting Wang (P. R. China) 415-421
"A remark on the products of distributions and semigroups" by Adem Kiliçman (Malaysia) 423-430
"A characterization of quasi-ideals in G -semigroups" by Aiyared Iampan (Thailand) 431-442
"Global attractors for a class nonlinear evolution equation" by Yongqin Xie (P. R. China) and Guixiang Qin (P. R. China) 443-455

Volume 1 Number 1 (2008) April Issue        Top
Uniqueness and existence of positive solutions for a class of singular second-order boundary value problems" by Yan Sun (P. R. China) 1-15
On the solvability of boundary value problems for first-order nonlinear integro-differential equations on time scales" by Yepeng Xing (P. R. China) and Valery Romanovsky Slovenia 17-36
Approximating common fixed points of finite family of nonexpansive nonself-mappings in a banach space" by Sornsak Thianwan (Thailand) 37-60
On algebroid functions without Julia directions" by Zu-Xing Xuan (P. R. China) 61-68
Recent progress on matrix completion problems" by Glória Cravo (Portugal) 69-90
An approach to the description of formal Languages’ semantics" by Crescenzio Gallo (Italy) 91-108
Updating player's knowledge in the conventional model is not straightforward" by Takehiro Inohara (Japan) 109-129
Delay-dependent stability analysis and robust H¥ control for uncertain fuzzy systems with time-delay" by Han-Liang Huang (P. R. China) and Fu-Gui Shi (P. R. China) 131-152
Analytical closed form and approximate solutions for quadratic nonlinear first order ODEs" by M. P. Markakis (Greece) 153-165
On the classical sharp Sobolev inequality and related problems" by Ezequiel R. Barbosa (Brazil) 167-181
On some parameters and the fixed point property for multivalued nonexpansive mappings" by Zhanfei Zuo (P. R. China) and Yunan Cui (P. R. China) 183-199
Eleven large-amplitude limit cycles in a polynomial system" by Wentao Huang (P. R. China), Li Zhang (P. R. China)  and Huixu Xu (P. R. China) 201-214

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