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Journal of Algebra, Number Theory: Advances and Applications -- Editorial Board

Authors Guidelines

Pooja Agrawal (Managing Editor)
Scientific Advances Publishers
71/52 Bhusoli Tola
Allahabad 211 006 (INDIA)
e-mail: pooja[at]scientificadvancespublishers.com
Professor Zeyad Abdel Aziz Mah’d Al Zhour
Department of Mathematics
Zarqa Private University (ZPU)
Faculty of Science and Information Technology
P. O. Box 2000
Zarqa 1311
e-mail: zeyad1968[at]yahoo.com or math_upm[at]yahoo.com
Areas of Interest: Numerical Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra, Matrix (Differential) Equations and Algebriac Systems of Matrices, Fractional Calculus and Convolutions, Mathematical Biology, General Theory, Linear Spaces and Operators, Operations Research and Mathematical Programming.
Professor Guoliang Shi
Department of Mathematics
Tianjin University
Tianjin 300072
P. R. China
Areas of Interest: Spectral Theory of Difference Operators.
Professor Takao Komatsu
Graduate School of Science and Technology
Hirosaki University
Hirosaki 036-8561
e-mail: komatsu[at]cc.hirosaki-u.ac.jp
Professor Hongbo Hua
Department of Computing Science
Huaiyin Institute of Technology
P. R. China
e-mail: hongbo.hua[at]gmail.com
Professor Jinchuan Hou
Department of Mathematics
Taiyuan University of Technology
Taiyuan 030024
P. R. China
e-mail: jinchuanhou[at]yahoo.com.cn
Professor Shouhong Qiao
School of Mathematics
Zhongshan University
Guangzhou 510275
P. R. China
e-mail: qshqsh513[at]163.com
Professor Li Ping Wang
Center for Advanced Study
Tsinghua University
Beijing 100084
P. R. China
e-mail: wanglp[at]mail.tsinghua.edu.cn
Areas of Interest: Algebraic Algorithms, Coding Theory, Cryptography and Algorithmic Number Theory.
Professor Hai Q. Dinh
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Kent State University
4314 Mahoning Avenue
Warren , OH 44483
U. S. A.
e-mail: hdinh[at]kent.edu
Areas of Interest: Algebraic Coding Theory; Theory of Rings and Modules.
Professor Kazufumi Eto
Department of Mathematics
Nippon Institute of Technology
Saitama 345-8501
e-mail: etou[at]nit.ac.jp
Professor Dae San Kim
Department of Mathematics
Sogang University
Seoul 121-742
e-mail: dskim[at]sogang.ac.kr
Professor Lingsheng Shi
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Tsinghua University
Beijing 100084
P. R. China
e-mail: lshi[at]math.tsinghua.edu.cn
Professor Antonio Cossidente
Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica
Università degli Studi della Basilicata
Contrada Macchia Romana
85100 Potenza
e-mail: antonio.cossidente[at]unibas.it
Areas of Interest: Finite Geometries, Geometry of Finite Classical Groups, Coding Theory, Algebraic Curves over Finite Fields.
Professor Dan Popovici
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
West University of Timişoara
Bd. Vasile Pârvan nr. 4
RO-300223 Timişoara
e-mail: popovici[at]math.uvt.ro
Areas of Interest: Linear Algebra, Operator Theory, Inequalities in Normed Linear Spaces.
Professor S. K. Q. Al-Omari
Department of Applied Sciences
Faculty of Engineering Technology
Al-Balqa Applied University
Amman 11134
e-mail: s.k.q.alomari[at]fet.edu.jo
Area of Interest: Integral Transforms, Generalized Integral Transforms, Distributions, Ultra Distributions, Boehmian Spaces, Integral transforms for Differential Equations.
Professor Alexander N. Skiba
Department of Mathematics
Francisk Skorina Gomel State University
Gomel 246019
e-mail: alexander.skiba49[at]gmail.com
Areas of Interest: Classes of Universal Algebras, N-ary Groups, Finite Group Theory, Classes of Multirings, Formation Theory, Fitting Classes.
Professor Taekyun Kim
Department of Mathematics
Kwangwoon University
Seoul 139-701
South Korea
e-mail: tkkim[at]kw.ac.kr
Areas of Interest: Number Thoery, Group Theory, Special Function, Umbral Calculus, Mathematical Physics.
Professor Sean Sather-Wagstaff
Department of Mathematics
North Dakota State University
Dept # 2750
P. O. Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050
U. S. A.
e-mail: sean.sather-wagstaff[at]ndsu.edu
URL: http://www.ndsu.edu/pubweb/~ssatherw/
Area of Interest: Commutative Algebra and Homological Algebra.
Professor Rauhi I. Elkhatib
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Applied Science
Thamar University
P. O. Box: 12559
e-mail: rauhie[at]yahoo.com
Professor Slavcho Shtrakov
Department of Computer Science
South-West University
2700 Blagoevgrad
e-mail: shtrakov[at]swu.bg
URL: http://shtrakov.swu.bg
Area of Interest: Universal Algebra, Deduction of Identities, Term Rewrite Systems, Tree Automata, Multiple Valued Logic.
Professor Predrag Stanimirovic
Department for Computer Science
Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics
University of Nis
Visegradska 33
18000 Nis
e-mail: peckois[at]ptt.rs
Professor Vignon Oussa
Department of Mathematics
Bridgewater State University
Bridgewater, MA 02325
U. S. A.
e-mail: vignon.oussa[at]bridgew.edu
Area of Interest: Representation Theory of Lie Groups, Solvable Groups and Nilpotent Groups, Wavelet Theory on Non Commutative Domains.
Professor Javier Diaz-Vargas
Facultad de Matematicas
Periferico Norte Tablaje 13615
Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan
Merida, Yucatan 97119
e-mail: jdvargas[at]uady.mx
Area of Interest: Number Theory, Global Function Fields.
Professor Shuchao Li
Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics
Central China Normal University
Wuhan 430079
P. R. China
e-mail: lscmath[at]mail.ccnu.edu.cn
Professor Halit Gündogan
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science and Arts
University of Kırıkkale
71450 Yahsihan
e-mail: hagundogan[at]hotmail.com
Professor Vyacheslav I. Yanchevskiĭ
Institute of Mathematics of the National
Academy of Sciences of Belarus
ul. Surganova 11
220072 Minsk
e-mail: yanch[at]im.bas-net.by
Professor Jinshan Zhang
School of Science
Sichuan University of Science and Engineering
Zigong, 643000
P. R. China
e-mail: zjscdut[at]163.com
Areas of Interest: Finite Group and its Representation, Numerical Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra, Mathematical Biology, Graph Theory, Operations Research and Mathematical Programming.
Professor Abdelmalek Azizi
Departement de Mathematiques et Informatique
Faculte des Sciences
Universite Mohamed 1
e-mail: abdelmalekazizi[at]yahoo.fr
Area of Interest: Unit's Group, Class Group's, Class Field Theory, Applications of Number Theory in Cryptography and Coding Theory.
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